Chapter IV
-eVote for List Owners-

The owners of eVoted lists have the same responsibilities and powers as do owners of regular lists, plus a few more.

Whether you own a regular eVoted list, or a list for administering petitions, the instructions in this section apply to you. In these instructions, it is assumed that your list address is Use your list's true address instead.

Information for Owners of All eVoted Lists

Mailer Errors

If you are running with Mailman, please ignore this section. Mailman handles mailer errors and coordinates with eVote automatically.

When an email address on your Majordomo-run list stops working, you'll receive an error message every time a message is posted to your list. To remove the failing address, send directly to your list, i.e., to:

and say

eVote approve <password> bounce <bad_email_address> <another_bad_email_address> ...

Use the same password as you use for majordomo commands.

The address will be removed from your list and will be placed on a special "bounces" list. Your administrator should have a cron task that runs majordomo's bounce-remind script every day. It sends the bounces list a message advising the recipients that their address has been failing and giving instructions on how to reinstate their subscription.

NOTE: Don't unsubscribe bad addresses and don't use Majordomo's bounce command. Either action will destroy the user's ballot.

If you unsubscribe the address instead, not only will the ballot be lost, but also, the user won't know that she's been unsubscribed.

Because this error is so grievous, a confirmation message will be requested when eVote receives a message to unsubscribe a user who has votes in the system.

eVote Commands

You can use your Mailman admin password, or your Majordomo list-owner's password for the following eVote commands. Send these commands directly to your list's address:

The subject line should refer to an established poll for these commands:

eVote approve <password> close

closes the established poll. Notice is sent to all subscribers that you have forced the closing of the poll.

eVote approve <password> drop

drops the poll from the database. Notice is sent to all subscribers.

eVote approve <password> drop silent

drops the poll from the database. No notice is sent to the subscribers.

For the following commands the subject line is irrelevant. Once again, these commands should be sent to the list address.

eVote approve <password> back <address>

places the <address> on majordomo's list and reactivates the ballot. If the address is on Majordomo's "bounces" list, it is removed. You can only bring back one address per message. You can say:

eVote approve <password> back <address> "something more"

and "something more" will be in Majordomo's list on the same line with the email address.

eVote approve <password> bounce <address>

(for Majordomo only, not for Mailman)

removes the <address> from majordomo's list while retaining the ballot. The address can NOT modify its ballot while in this state. The bounced address is also added to Majordomo's "bounces" list and will be sent a nightly notice that the address has been failing. You can bounce many addresses in the same message:

eVote approve <password> bounce <address1> <address2> ...

eVote approve <password> move <old-address> <new-address>

moves the address while it retains the ballot. This command moves the address for all lists run at this site. A message is sent to each list's owner.

eVote approve <password> no-vote <address>

changes the <address> to a non-voter. This is useful for archive addresses.

eVote approve <password> vacation <address>

(for Majordomo only; use Mailman's "set nomail" feature.)

removes the <address> from majordomo's list while retaining the ballot. The address can NOT modify its ballot while in this state.

eVote approve <password> vote <address>

(for Majordomo only; use Mailman's "set nomail" feature, of the "vote_only" option below.)

changes the <address> to a voter again.

eVote approve <password> vote_only <address>

removes the <address> from majordomo's list while retaining the ballot. The address CAN modify its ballot while in this state. This is useful for people who read the list mail from a web archive but still want to vote.

for Mailman, first send a "set nomail" command and then use this eVote command.

Info File

Mailman users can skip this sections. Information about eVote is sent to new subscribers automatically in the welcome message.

For Majordomo lists, the info file for your list, "", for example, should be changed so that it announces to list members that the list is eVoted. The info file might look like:

---     Sample info file  ---

[A description of your list's purpose goes here]


Most messages that are sent to the address
will be forwarded to all the members of the list.  However, if your
message starts with the word "eVote", instead, it will be processed by

Because this list is eVoted, anyone on this list can generate a poll
for the list members to vote on.

To see what polls are open for this list, send the message:

     eVote list


To learn more about eVote, send the message:

     eVote help



eVote has a "vacation" feature.  If you want to stop the flow of
messages but retain your electronic ballot and your influence on
the statistics, send this message to

      eVote vacation


If you move your email address, notify  The owner can move your address
and preserve your ballot.

If you belong to several eVoted lists at this site, you only need to
notify one list owner of your move.  eVote will move your address for
all lists and notify all your lists' owners.


To see who is subscribed to the list, send this message to

      eVote members

The list you receive will tell you which members are on vacation and
which email addresses on the list are archives, meaning they have no
eVoting privileges.


If you find a bug, please report it to 


If you have a signature on your message, add a line with "end" when
you communicate with eVote.

---  end of sample info file ---

Owners Of Petition Lists

Owners of petition lists, i.e., lists whose name begins with "petition", have one more command they can use. Here we assume that your list's name is "". Petition list names can be "", "", etc. Use the real name of your petition list for these instructions.

Bad Signatures

If you wish to remove someone's signature from the petition, you can do so if you know the password for the list:

  1. Send a message to:
  2. The subject must be the subject of the petition:

    Save The World
  3. The message should be

    eVote approve <password> unsign <address> <address> <...>

This will remove the signatures from the signature file as well as the email address from eVote's data. It will alter the count and ship updated reports.

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