This Web Site

This web site is the result of a serendipitous event. Marilyn Davis witnessed the demonstrating Yankuikanahuak in Vienna, April 23, 1997, three times.

Marilyn, who operates on the mandate of a vision, has, since 1974, been devoted to developing Electronic Democracy. She authored "The Clerk", the data-engine that powers eVote. This petition facility is one manifestation of eVoting.

When Marilyn told the story of the Yankuikanahuak to three of her best friends, Peggy Favour, John Jacq, and Judi Kadish they chipped in time, talents and resources to make this web site a reality.

The Meeting

Ordinarily Marilyn Davis doesn't attend meetings and conferences because she has no financial support and because she and her controversial work have been shunned at conferences in the United States. However, she was graciously invited to speak at "The First European Conference on Voting and Rating on the Internet"; the Austrian Academy of Sciences offered accommodations; and anonymous donations covered all the other expenses. She could not refuse.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences provided a hotel near Stephansplatz, where, coincidentally, the Yankuikanahuak demonstrated on the day after the conference. Marilyn had that one day to explore Vienna.

The conference itself had been very stimulating and had convinced Marilyn that the way to raise awareness of the liberating potential of Electronic Democracy was to find a glorious cause for a petition.

And there it was and here it is.

Xokonoschtletl sees this web site as a turning point for Kopilli Ketzalli's return to Mexico. Marilyn sees Kopilli Ketzalli's return to Mexico as a symbol of global respect for natural ways, a conquest of the spirit over the material, of the communal over the imperial. They are both expectant that this struggle and this victory will catalyze the reconciliation between all peoples, and with the earth, that has been promised to all of us for all time.

How to help us

To contact Judi Kadish, John Jacq, Peggy Favour, and Marilyn Davis, send email to: You are welcome to view the archives of our online meetings.

We are grateful to Tlamatini Martinez, our advisor from the Yankuikanahuak, for patiently explaining the vision.

Thank you to Laurent Chemla, John Jacq, Ezequiel C. Jaime, Elfriede Maitland, Manhard Schlifni, and Olivier Zablocki for careful translations for these pages.

Thank you also to Laurent Chemla for the technical help and advice.