The Feathercrown of "MONTEZUMA"

Austrian Parliament
A - 1010 Vienna

Dr. E. Gehrer
Minister of Culture

The Feathercrown of the last Aztec sovereign, "Montezuma", has been in the possession of Austria since 1524. At the moment it is exhibited in the Völkerkundmuseum in Vienna, Austria.

For the natives of Anahuak (Mexico) this Crown represents a shrine because it carries the power and spirit of their Chief Motekuhzoma.

The invader Cortes, with superior power, confiscated the Crown and gave it as a present to Charles V. of the Hapsburg dynasty.

Mexico has officially demanded that Austria should return the Crown to its homeland.

In exchange for Montezuma's Crown, a replica was offered to Austria. This replica is exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico. (Letter of the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia March 4, 1991 - N0.401-10234).

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